Snowmobil in Tjappsåive!

Me and my girlfriend have right now a vacation here in Tjappsåive. We have driving snowmobile all day, and about lunchtime we took a well worth break by the icy lake. We ate some burgers that we made on open fire. They tasted very good! Later on the day we went on a new trip to a little house by a little lake. Right now I zipping some Dworek Vodka with my girlfriend and friends. No electricity, no water, and no toilet. No computer! Lucky enough I have my Nokia N95 8GB Mobil. And there are very good reception on Edge network. Love this phone! If you are in the wild, you should have a phone. You never know. Enjoy my pictures. I will write more later this weekend. Greets!

Fall pictures from Jiver

Me and my girlfriend was out and tested the power of Nokia N95 8GB and N82. This 2 pictures are taken with N95 8GB. Was a nice day for a walk in the nature. 🙂