Celebrate our Love!

1 year has passed. Me and my girlfriendĀ met each other and fell in Love. So this special day I gave her a bunch of roses that were beautiful! Then later this evening we went to a nice restaurant for food and drink! It may have been a little bit more exclusive. But my love is worth everything for me. I Love her so much!!


Our new camera 12.1 Mpix

Me and my girlfriend were a litle bit impulsive. We have both talked about buying a compact camera. Today we did it. Casio Exilm EX-Z400 was our choise. Nice price with included extra battery and a leather case for the camera. It may not be as good as a system camera. But good enougt for party photos and very slim and easy to get it with us anywere we may travel. 16GB SDHC Class 6 SD-Card was very useful. Both loading and savings are darn fast. I have tested to copy data with the included USB 2.0 cable, and I didn’t se any drawbacks in transfer performance. Only drawback I could find is that the litle non-standard USB port on the camera it self. So you have to use Casio USB cable. šŸ™ Overall conclusion: We are satisfied with the picture result, functions and the battery time! Besides the non-standard USB-cable.

Server update!

Hello, fellows! You may have experience some problems to connect to my site and Left 4 Dead servers. The hole evening yesterday, I have done a service on the server. I was time to exchange the motherboard. It has spinning 3 years in a row. So I was not so surprised that it started to act a little strange in the startup of the server OS. The motherboard could just cut the power in the middle of a startup. I did thought about the Tagan 480W PSU that have running in 5-6 years. But that was not the case at this time. It works like a charm again with a new motherboard. In other thoughts, unbelievable that the PSU still works!!!??? I guess that Tagan and a battery backup station is a good way to go. Hope notĀ it starts to mess with me now..

The old motherboard: Asus M2NPV-VM
The new motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H