Learning and experimenting

My thoughts are at the mysql server and the php server. I’m in a mood of updating the server OS to Windows 2008 R2. I’m  running the 2003 server OS today and have done it a long time now. The system is stable, but rather old. And I’ve working allot in the Windows 2008 R2 OS at work. And feels there are many positive functions and features that could get very handy in the daily base usage. But! I have a big bump that I have to get over… The mysql is 4.1.x version, and the PHP server is 4.4.x. If I upgrade all these Web-server Add-ons, I may have problems with web-pages i run today. Guess I have to read FAQ’s and test all this in a test environment, before I go a head with the final Installation. I have to consider 64-Bit OS. Will it run with older apps in 32-Bit mode? This gets complicated…

Here it is 1024×768 resolution on a eeePC, Windows 7

So you have your NetBook all setup how you like it but that 1024×576 or 1024×600 resolution is stopping you from running your favorite programs .. or you just feel like you should have a bit more space.

1.) Run regedit.exe
2.) Search for string: “Display1_DownScalingSupported” with out the quotes ..
3.) When it finds this value. Double click the value and change it from 0 to 1
4.) Continue to search by pressing key F3, and it will search again, do this for every one you find.
5.) Reboot the eeepc and your done.

It’s now possible to use the Asus eeePC Tray Utility to change the resolution at 1024×768.

Good luck!