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Mastering Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Ubuntu 10.10 Server: Administration and Reference
Windows PowerShell 2.0 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant
Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Active Directory Administrator’s Pocket Consultant

Should you buy SSD today?

Everyone question if theres time to go for SSD HD’s. I can ensure you that it’s worth the money if you want Windows 7 to spin like a Ferrari! The performance is amazing on the SSD drives that uses SandForce chipset. Good example is Corsair SSD Force series. Take a look Corsair SSD 120GB Force serieshere for example. The performance is 3 times more than an older magnetic HD. Performance around 95MB/s on a Samsung HD103SJ and compare to a Corsair SSD Force series with amazing performance around 285 MB/s on read and 275 MB/s on write. If you need large storage you should stick with the older HD’s. You get more storage for the money.

Promise RAID and Seagate HD’s

Today I worked with a Server that we gonna deliver to a costumer. But something was not right. The HD LED’s on the bracket lights red constantly. They should not do that if there isn’t any activity on the drives. And the performance was really bad. The configure was not complicated. I ran two HD’s in RAID 1. And for that I thought that Seagate ST31000528AS would work. So I changed the drives to Samsung HD103SJ. TADA!!!! Now the constantly red HD LED’s is gone. It lights red as it should do when a activity occurs. And performance is very good. So be careful witch HD’s you match with Promise TX4650 RAID card.