RayTracing on AMD R9 Nano with MineCraft!?

I watched a video from UFD Tech about RayTracing on AMD graphics cards. Thought it looked interesting. I got a piece of AMD R9 nano 4GB with Ryzen 2700X with 16gb RAM. I was curious to find out if it was possible to run RayTracing on just such a hardware as AMD’s R9 Nano with GCN 1.2.

For this test, I downloaded the following packages:

Latest version of JAVA

And high-resolution textures like this one:


Higher resolution than might be overkill for AMD’s R9 Nano as it only has 4GB of graphics memory.
I tested the slightly higher resolution package like this:


But it got too much.

I used 32 chunks of render distance with 256x texturepackage and got around 20 fps. If I run without the extra texture packages, the performance was anywhere between 25 to 30 fps

It’s pretty cool that it actually works straight away with RayTracing on such old hardware. It shows something. Perhaps AMD’s Finewine has something to do with this. Hope this was interesting. For me it was really cool to see. 🙂