Hotmail is Outlook… It shuld be Outlocked!

Well, Funny if you try wrong password to many times you got to put in all the registration data correct, exactly as you registered your account. The funny part that you move along to a different city, you change maybe telephone nr and hasn’t updated the info. Then your out of luck… You have to remember these info’s. Well I don’t. I registered my account for maybe more then 11 years ago.

Thank you Microsoft!

Ventrilo 2.1.4 is finaly dead. R.I.P. Welcome Mumble!

Ventrilo 2.1.4 has passed away. And I think it was about time. So much trouble to get it to work in Windows 7. It was not worth it.

Mumble 1.2.3 has a new way of thinking in administration and the use of channels that ventrilo didn’t. The sound is very good and uses less bandwidth compare to ventrilo. And has allso a dynamic traficshaping.

I hope that you will enjoy the Mumble as new way to comunicate. /Moose


I have done some fixes on the server. Lets hope it works now.

Some problems…

There are some problems with the network for now. So if you have some problems with connecting. Don’t panic! I’m gona fix this to night.

WordPress 3.2.1

Now I have upgrade to lastest WordPress, this means that allso new system requirements of the server has to apply. PHP and MySQL Server need to be some versions up. Nice thing about this is that some new plugins starts to work more properly.

No, not now!

The change of ventrilo server has started. If you want to get in? Go to “Game server” page, and solve the riddle.  😉

Server upgrade is almost done!

I have now moved almost all services to the new upgraded server. Server runs now on a 6-core CPU and a newer OS that has all the support that is needed. I have looking at the option to upgrade the Ventrilo server 2.1.4 to a newer one. But it doesn’t exist any better stable option. Until I can find a better option, we stick with the older software. One more thing! I going to add a own Ventrilo info page with login info. The plans is to remove old channels in the Ventrilo server and change password. So bookmark this page…