Times goes by… Virtual PC in Win 7

It’s been a long time since i was able to blog. It has been many other things that I have to prioritize I.R.L. So lets begin!

Today I did a little experiment in Windows 7. I tested the Virtual PC that also enables the Windows XP Mode. But this time I challenge Virtual PC a little more. I tried Windows 2003 Server in the Virtual environment and running a NAT server between two NIC’s. A DHCP-Server and a DNS-Server was added. And to my surprise it did work well! OK! May not be ideal for big company’s. But for a better inbuilt Router on a PC in a home environment it should suit it’s purpose well. And much better than Windows 7’s ICS-Server. I guess that at this time there are more than just me that have been irritated on Windows 7’s ICS-Server, that constantly interrupt the Internet connection on client side. In my case I had to restart the ICS service to get it to work again… At the time of writing, Microsoft has not put out any patch that resolves the problem. So in my case I’m very happy that Virtual PC and a configured Windows 2003 server works. Well hope you also can resolve your issue. Maybe, like I did. 🙂

The hardware specs: Athlon X2 2.3 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 160GB HD.
Software: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit, Windows 2003 Server Standard 32-Bit,

Celebrate our Love!

1 year has passed. Me and my girlfriend met each other and fell in Love. So this special day I gave her a bunch of roses that were beautiful! Then later this evening we went to a nice restaurant for food and drink! It may have been a little bit more exclusive. But my love is worth everything for me. I Love her so much!!


Our new camera 12.1 Mpix

Me and my girlfriend were a litle bit impulsive. We have both talked about buying a compact camera. Today we did it. Casio Exilm EX-Z400 was our choise. Nice price with included extra battery and a leather case for the camera. It may not be as good as a system camera. But good enougt for party photos and very slim and easy to get it with us anywere we may travel. 16GB SDHC Class 6 SD-Card was very useful. Both loading and savings are darn fast. I have tested to copy data with the included USB 2.0 cable, and I didn’t se any drawbacks in transfer performance. Only drawback I could find is that the litle non-standard USB port on the camera it self. So you have to use Casio USB cable. 🙁 Overall conclusion: We are satisfied with the picture result, functions and the battery time! Besides the non-standard USB-cable.

Server update!

Hello, fellows! You may have experience some problems to connect to my site and Left 4 Dead servers. The hole evening yesterday, I have done a service on the server. I was time to exchange the motherboard. It has spinning 3 years in a row. So I was not so surprised that it started to act a little strange in the startup of the server OS. The motherboard could just cut the power in the middle of a startup. I did thought about the Tagan 480W PSU that have running in 5-6 years. But that was not the case at this time. It works like a charm again with a new motherboard. In other thoughts, unbelievable that the PSU still works!!!??? I guess that Tagan and a battery backup station is a good way to go. Hope not it starts to mess with me now..

The old motherboard: Asus M2NPV-VM
The new motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H

Night before the journey home

Today was very nice. Warm and sunny. A little bit colder, but stil very good for running snowmobile. Minus 5 C. We have been out all day. Now we are trying to sleep in a cold house. But together we are warm 🙂 we are going home tomorrow. Back to piteå. We missing both our little hearball. Our spinning cat. 🙂 love that little kitty. Good night all!

Snowmobil in Tjappsåive!

Me and my girlfriend have right now a vacation here in Tjappsåive. We have driving snowmobile all day, and about lunchtime we took a well worth break by the icy lake. We ate some burgers that we made on open fire. They tasted very good! Later on the day we went on a new trip to a little house by a little lake. Right now I zipping some Dworek Vodka with my girlfriend and friends. No electricity, no water, and no toilet. No computer! Lucky enough I have my Nokia N95 8GB Mobil. And there are very good reception on Edge network. Love this phone! If you are in the wild, you should have a phone. You never know. Enjoy my pictures. I will write more later this weekend. Greets!

Left 4 Dead

Finaly Left 4 Dead is released! Me and my friend have played the first episode Co-op. And I love the game totaly! So I decided to test hosting a L4D dedicated server. And it seems to working like a sharm!

Next projekt is to make a dedicated L4D server for Datorfixarna.com here in Piteå. If I have the time besides the normal work.

Well time to go to bed… ZZZzzzZZZzzz