Server update!

Hello, fellows! You may have experience some problems to connect to my site and Left 4 Dead servers. The hole evening yesterday, I have done a service on the server. I was time to exchange the motherboard. It has spinning 3 years in a row. So I was not so surprised that it started to act a little strange in the startup of the server OS. The motherboard could just cut the power in the middle of a startup. I did thought about the Tagan 480W PSU that have running in 5-6 years. But that was not the case at this time. It works like a charm again with a new motherboard. In other thoughts, unbelievable that the PSU still works!!!??? I guess that Tagan and a battery backup station is a good way to go. Hope not it starts to mess with me now..

The old motherboard: Asus M2NPV-VM
The new motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H

Night before the journey home

Today was very nice. Warm and sunny. A little bit colder, but stil very good for running snowmobile. Minus 5 C. We have been out all day. Now we are trying to sleep in a cold house. But together we are warm 🙂 we are going home tomorrow. Back to piteå. We missing both our little hearball. Our spinning cat. 🙂 love that little kitty. Good night all!

Snowmobil in Tjappsåive!

Me and my girlfriend have right now a vacation here in Tjappsåive. We have driving snowmobile all day, and about lunchtime we took a well worth break by the icy lake. We ate some burgers that we made on open fire. They tasted very good! Later on the day we went on a new trip to a little house by a little lake. Right now I zipping some Dworek Vodka with my girlfriend and friends. No electricity, no water, and no toilet. No computer! Lucky enough I have my Nokia N95 8GB Mobil. And there are very good reception on Edge network. Love this phone! If you are in the wild, you should have a phone. You never know. Enjoy my pictures. I will write more later this weekend. Greets!

Left 4 Dead

Finaly Left 4 Dead is released! Me and my friend have played the first episode Co-op. And I love the game totaly! So I decided to test hosting a L4D dedicated server. And it seems to working like a sharm!

Next projekt is to make a dedicated L4D server for here in Piteå. If I have the time besides the normal work.

Well time to go to bed… ZZZzzzZZZzzz

I can’t sleep!

I’m in bed. But I can’t sleep. I’m missing my love so much! She will move in to my apartment about 3 weeks. It’s so empty here right now… I wish that the days will goes fast. I Love her so much! 🙂

Fall pictures from Jiver

Me and my girlfriend was out and tested the power of Nokia N95 8GB and N82. This 2 pictures are taken with N95 8GB. Was a nice day for a walk in the nature. 🙂